About Us

Zenskara Media is an IT, Digital Marketing and Web Development firm founded for helping Businesses and Individuals grow their online presence. The team consists of experienced Content Writers, Marketers, Editors and Designers to build beautiful websites that provide value to users.

We all started our Digital Marketing journey before 5 years and have ranked many websites successfully to grow it into a full startup. We provide tailor made Digital Marketing services for different businesses.

By using Innovative tools and marketing strategies, we try to increase the ROI (Return of Investment) for all businesses by using Digital Marketing Techniques. We also have an In-house Media team that publishes News, Blog Posts, Youtube Videos and Instant Articles on all topics.

Our Team

Vivek Palli – Web and Content Designer

Saraswati Sikdel – Content Writer and Editor in Chief

Pooja Mudduganti – Marketing and Advertising